peter donin x mwm graphics x persona

Window installation at Persona by Matt Moore of MWM graphics.......

While I was down in South Carolina............. My friends at Persona, in Nashua, New Hampshire, hit me up for some emergency design work. If you are a sneaker collector, then you will love Persona. Specializing in limited editions, customs, and overall dope styles, these guys hold it down for the real sneaker heads out there, never cutting corners.
In opening his shop, owner, Jeremy Mckenna, linked up with graphic design tycoon Matt W. Moore, of MWM Graphics, to produce logos and a window installation. Matt killed the graphics, producing solid, timeless logos that have various uses.
Unfortunately for Jeremy, Matt has been so busy the past couple weeks with Ray Ban, he was unable to provide Jeremy with immediate assistance on getting his website up and running. Here is where I came into the picture.......
Jeremy hit me up, sent me over one of Matt's logos, and I got loose on it, creating four treatments that we were happy with. Hope I didn't butcher your logo Matt! Thanks for providing the blueprint........Stay tuned for, but until then, swing by Persona and cop some fresh kicks!

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